Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Mr.P is a Keychain!!

Here's Mr.P in classic black and white crystals. Along with a 'golden-ish' pair of eyes, a red beak and feet. Made for a very special Iranian friend of mine. :D

plop~ Classic Mr.P is born!

Close Up

Size Comparison

Whee~ I give you....Classic Mr. P!!!

Monday, October 26, 2009

It's Twins!!

Meet the dark side and the good side of your ears... Twin chicks; one in white and the other in black plastic beads. Yes, these are a pair. Not mismatched. :D

Contrasting Chicks (C.C)

size comparison

I'm thinking of coming up with a "This is Not a Pair" series. This could be the first pair. :D

3 for RM10 earrings

Okay, if you want this kind of earrings, go and buy those 3 for RM10 ones. It's simply not worth it making these yourself! More expensive...T.T (All beads are plastic)


Ball 'er up...

Yet another sphere pendant, done with plastic pearls and seed beads.

This Is Not A Soccer Ball

size comparison

Pearly Whites Part 2

A rather old fashioned piece. Think Audrey Hepburn. (Is more of a choker, but slightly loose)

E.B.Y (Abby) Short for "Elegance Becomes You"
Top View

Close Up

Me likey~

Pearly Whites Part 1

Another set i did, but all with plastic beads. You gotta admit they look pretty real though! True color is slightly yellower. My mom bagged this set for herself. Lol...

The Classic - earrings



size comparison

Dangling Danglers

New piece, all crystal except for the seed beads (the smallest beads in the piece). Simple and sweet. :D

Icy Droplets - the earrings
*Notice that there is a slight difference between both earrings. Subtlety~

the pendant

close up on the pendant's "danglers"

the size comparison

the set